Squarespace SEO Setup


Squarespace is a great way to set up a website that’s easy for you to update easily in the future. One thing that’s often overlooked is Squarespace SEO. Let us optimize your Squarespace website to perform up to its full potential. Reach customers you would not have otherwise reached, rank higher in Google rankings, and spend less money on ads.

What’s Included:

  • Google Analytics setup (track how your visitors interact with your website, and where your visitors are finding your website).
  • Google Search Console setup (automatically updates Google when you make changes to your website)
  • Facebook Pixel setup (This will let you collect information about visitors that you can use any time in the future – for example, to run an ad to retarget the people that have visited your website before)
  • SEO work (on up to 10 pages) – Includes things like spelling, grammar, proper headings and links, image tags, proper slug structure, redirect setups if needed, and very minor design changes
  • Noindex usage as required (hide pages that don’t provide any SEO value from Google)
  • Proper image usage for your logo and favicon
  • Image resizing as needed

Please note: This service is a great start to getting ranked faster but if you’re looking to rank for specific keywords or in a specific area, our monthly SEO packages would be a better option.


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